[Interview] “How A Mysterious Nigerian Urologist is Using Ordinary Herbs To Help Men Over 40 with Varying Stages of Urination Difficulty (Including My Father) Get Back Their Freedom Again”

What you’re about to read is the transcript of an hour long interview I did with Dr Tunde Olaoye.

Dr Tunde Olaoye is a Nigerian-Trained Urologist who has been helping thousands of fellow Nigerian Men over 40 years overcome the difficulty in urinating, urgency and frequent trips to the bathroom.

As a plus, his remedy also helps men regain their lost confidence in bed because he undoes the evil an enlarged prostate has done on their manhood.

It was hard getting across to him and finally bringing him to share his knowledge but my network made it possible.

Hence, if you’ve been dealing with frequent urination, disturbed sleep and uncontrollable urine drops as a result of an enlarged prostate…

And you’ve tried several things without good results.

Read this unfiltered interview with Dr. Tunde Olaoye with undivided attention.

Because he explains the missing link in the popular treatments of prostate enlargement available today.

Interviewer: uhm uhm. Good Evening Dr. Tunde. It’s nice having you here finally after so many cancelled appointments.

Doctor: it’s great to be finally here. I had to squeeze out time out of my busy schedule to do this with you. And I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for too long.

Interviewer: isn’t it amazing what you do? Helping thousands of older men regain their Masculinity back by putting a lasting end to their urination troubles.

My father and I will forever be grateful to you for showing us what to do at the peak of my father’s troubles.

He used to visit the toilet more than 5 times before daybreak. And even when he just finished urinating, he told me he felt like there was still at least a litre of urine in him he hasn’t poured out.

It’s very painful.

Doctor: You’re welcome. It gives me joy to see several people who have been condemned to keep on living with the troubles of an enlarged prostate coming back to life, fixing their urination troubles and regaining their dominance with their spouses.

Interviewer: let’s leave that for now and move to the discussion for today.

What would you say to any man over 40 finding it difficult to pass out urine due to an enlarged prostate and has tried everything they recommended without a significant improvement?

Doctor: The most important thing anyone living with an enlarged prostate needs to know is the true cause of an enlarged prostate beyond “sign of aging” as most doctors say.

Interviewer: what does that mean sir?

Doctor: it’s quite simple. When you visit a doctor to tell him about the embarrassing and uncontrollable urine drops on your boxers frequently…

The great pain you have to go through before you can pass out urine out of the body…

And the way it’s affecting your sleep at night.

He simply dismisses it and says you have an enlarged prostate which is quite common in men over 40 years of age.

Then he writes you a leaflet in his ugly handwriting containing a list of drugs you should start taking to help your condition.

Everytime you visit, he has nothing new to give you except a list of new drugs to add to your current prescriptions.

What most doctors don’t understand is the true cause of an enlarged prostate beyond just the age.

Interviewer: hmm. What’s the true cause of an enlarged prostate then?

Doctor: as you may have been told, it isn’t solely your age. Age is just a trigger that pulls it off.

Enlarged prostate is caused by the same enzyme that helped you become a man while you were still a teenager.

It’s an enzyme called 5-AR.

5-AR is an enzyme with the sole purpose of making the prostate grow larger.

When you enter puberty, it’s 5-AR that makes the prostate grow and brings out the man in you which is a good thing.

Then it lies dormant until 40 since there’s no need for any growth again.

Once you hit the 40-year mark, 5-AR then reacts to the poorly made food, dangerous chemicals, and unhealthy lifestyle we live today.

And the nightmare shows up.

Your body starts producing larger and larger amounts of 5-AR again which is abnormal. It gives…

 full-blown attack on your prostate

It sends signals for your prostate to grow bigger, much bigger than normal- it almost doubles in size.

Making it very difficult for urine to pass through the urethra.

And then you find yourself in the world of horror…

Living the frustrating life of running to the bathroom every time… forcing urine out of your body… keeping you up at night and affecting your sex life.

Interviewer: this is horrible.

Doctor: really very horrible. 5-AR isn’t done yet!

5-AR drinks up your testosterone at an alarming rate.

Testosterone is the stuff that makes you man.

It’s the stuff responsible for just about everything… including sexual desire.

That’s why your sex life is also affected alongside the painful and embarrassing urination moments.

Interviewer: this really explains why people suffering from enlarged prostate are mostly adults.

What could an untreated enlarged prostate potentially lead to?

Doctor: really bad things like Prostate Cancer, erectile dysfunction.

Complete blockage of the urine passage that could lead to a kidney damage.

Urinary Tract Infections which can lead to complete impotence for life.

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